Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conflating Legal and Moral

I am amazed at how many people either can not or will not distinguish between legal and moral. For the Democrats this is a non-issue, but the Republican Party stands on moral supremacy. The foundational claim of the primarily Christian party is that law should follow morals, not the other way around.

So, it is quite disturbing to see how many Cruz supporters are defending Colorado on the grounds that it was legal. Fundamentally change the way the election process works just ahead of a presidential election? Publish the changes to a media almost nobody still uses regularly? Then when people complain, simply shrug and say "But Mr Dent, the plans were on display" as though that excuses any wrongdoing.

Every tinpot dictator around the world has the law behind him. Does that make the actions of said dictator legitimate and moral and correct?

My own state went Cruz in a fair and open primary. While I think the people voting Cruz are foolish and misguided, the win was legitimate and democratic. The goalposts weren't shifted to favor career politicians who play these games every day in Congress.

The fact that such a complaint, that it's inappropriate to change the rules mid-game to favor a particular group or candidate or remove agency from the  people, is dismissed with a mere 'but it was legal' places those people firmly in the Democrat camp. They are no more moral or righteous than Bernie supporters who believe wealth redistribution by government fiat is moral.

Yes, the plans were on display. In the basement, with no lights, in a locked cabinet in an unused lavatory with a sign on the door that reads 'Beware of the leopard'.

Just because something is legal, it is not automatically moral. Legal does not mean it's not rigged. If this is what passes for conservatism, I'll stay over here on the actual Right.

Edit: Found the clip. Even more appropriate than I remembered.

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