Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beamdog's Assassination Of A Franchise

I am a longtime fan of the Baldur's Gate series. This franchise, along with Final Fantasy 6 (hereafter referred to as 'The Good One'), was a large part of my early 20's. Even to this day, my D&D group makes references to it at the table. So, when we heard an enhanced version with multiplayer was coming out, we all got copies on Steam.

After crossing the return threshold, we found out about the developer, Beamdog, and what they had done.

Now I am not usually one to dissociate based on the leanings of a developer. I enjoyed Undertale despite the clear biases of the author, but here's the key difference.

Unlike Undertale, Baldur's Gate was not the creation of the converged Beamdog, and in no way whatsoever is the new material subtle.

I have seen the video of the token transgender character, and the nonsensical tripe they spout for no discernible reason, I  have read quite a bit of the discussion about the new characters, the adventure, dialogue, and all of that might have been forgiven, or at least set aside, if not for one thing.

Minsc and Jaheira demonstrate that they neither like nor understand  the source material, and everything they have said and done has been a lie to justify converging the franchise into yet another assault on intellectual freedom.

If all they got from Jaheira was nagging wife, and Minsc was just pop culture references, they had no business touching this franchise. These SJWs have no love of anything, no appreciation for the color and messiness of life. Everything is viewed through this insane lens where women can have no flaws, minorities are always justified in horrific behavior, and whites/males can't be shown in a good light  unless encouraging one of the former two points  or white knighting. Being a wimp is laudable, being strong is oppression (unless grrrl power), up is down, etc etc. Like Marxism, it's a checklist of all the things that work and are good for civilization inverted.

For my part, I think the time has long since passed when we should have made a purposeful effort to abandon traditional publishers and follow in the footsteps of many Japanese developers to create spiritual successors to these franchises. 

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