Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump Rally Chicago

I've been scrolling through #TrumpRallyChi for a couple hours now, and two things have really stood out to me.

1) The number of people who think throwing rocks/bottles at people attending an assembly and police is an acceptable, grassroots, free-speech method of discourse, and

2) how all wings of the mainstream media are not only on board with 'they had it coming', but are trying to pin the violence against Trump and supporters as if it's their fault.

Truly, saying 'these people need to go home' or 'this guy needs an ass whooping' is morally equivalent to actually harming people.

And if it's true that most people disagree with Trump, then he's harmless and this is literally terrorizing a minority.

The truth is, however, that more people than ever have decided to go with Trump. Carson backed him because he's the only candidate not justifying throwing rocks at attendees of a political event and police. The majority of the country is tired of the partisan politics, being terrorized just for being alive, oppressed by government more burdensome than nearly any other point in history, and being denied any real, meaningful voice with which to seek reparation.

But I would wager that a lot of this 'grassroots opposition' is quite calculated and premeditated. I have read Rules for Radicals, and the hallmarks are nearly unmistakable.

And, happily, it looks like more people than ever can see it too. So the question remains, how far are you willing to carry this war on freedom and reason, you of the progressive left? Would you see an outright war in the streets before you'd concede that most people do not want what you're selling? Because there's no going back now. Even if you manage to succeed in one of your ridiculous assassination plans, that won't stop the awakening, that would strengthen it. We're done with you, your failed ideas and policies, and the division you foster.

It's time for America to be America again, and there's more of us than ever willing to see it through to the end.

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