Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cycle of Nations and Progressives

It can't be said often enough, progressives aren't progressive. However, of far more import is the fact that all political institutions of consequence are now fully on board.

So the screaming leftists assault a peaceful Trump rally, injure police, gloat about it afterwards on social media, and the remaining Republican candidates all blame Trump. Glad to know what side you are on. Way to 'stand for your principles'. Might I suggest that progressive terrorism is not what the founders intended for us to conserve?

There can be no question that the Republican party has been converged. It's naked pandering to the left, the globalists, and the racists leaves absolutely no room to argue it's true allegiance. We've known for some time, to be sure. Republicans had the largest sweep of Congressional seats I have ever seen, and they immediately set about rubberstamping Obama's policies and refusing to hold the DOJ or Obama administration accountable in any meaningful way. But this open, blatant support of anti-Right sentiment is new.

Progressivism is cancer. Libertarianism is dead. Conservatism is dead. Just like Europe, America will become Nationalist again, or it will perish. America's enemies are many, and they are clever, but Americans are strong, and longsuffering. We have reached a crux, a critical mass, and the fight will be shortly on. If the globalist corporatist masters of the Republican party attempt to pull a Democrat maneuver to stifle the will of the people by fiat denial through a brokered convention, there will be nothing left for the Right in the peaceful process of election. If we are to be denied by fiat the expression of our will through peaceful means, it will not go unexpressed.

They say those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and if there's one common trait of the elite and powerful, it is that they believe they are unique in all of history and the lesson doesn't apply to them.

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